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Auto accident with law enforcement vehicle leads to DUI charge

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | DUI

In Alabama, when a person is alleged to have been driving under the influence and placed under arrest, a litany of penalties might be assessed if there is a conviction. Often, these arrests are made as part of a traffic stop. In other instances, there is an auto accident and, after an investigation, the arrest is made. Some cases, however, involve an accident, but that accident is with a law enforcement officer. Obviously, this can be a challenge for the person who is accused of DUI. Even with this difficult set of circumstances, there are still viable strategies to forge an effective defense.

Sherriff’s department vehicle hit by alleged DUI driver

A deputy for the local Sheriff’s Department was nearly injured when a vehicle crashed into the door of his vehicle during a stop involving a separate driver. The collision happened after midnight. The deputy had pulled a vehicle over. His overhead lights were activated and he approached his law enforcement vehicle to check the stopped driver’s driving record. When he tried to get out of the vehicle, he became aware of a third vehicle speeding toward him from behind. The side door was hit, bending it toward the front of the car. Fortunately, the deputy was uninjured. The driver of the vehicle, a 31-year-old man, was placed under arrest for DUI.

The penalties for DUI can be problematic

There are certain consequences for a DUI conviction that people will automatically understand including the possibility of jail time, fines and a driver license suspension. When considering a defense strategy, it is also important to remember that the conviction can raise insurance rates, be a negative on a person’s record when they want to get certain jobs and even cause a problem with family law cases. Despite the inevitable concerns, there are ways to combat a DUI charge. The circumstances of the arrest could be called into question, the evidence might be faulty or the person might not have had his or her rights adhered to.

A strong defense starts with experienced representation

Before saying or doing anything that might make the situation worse, it is imperative to know the potential options available for a criminal defense. Perhaps the charges can be dismissed or reduced. There might be an opening for an acquittal. Even in this case in which the driver crashed into a law enforcement vehicle and narrowly missed injuring the deputy, it is not necessarily true that he was under the influence at the time. For anyone facing the challenge of DUI allegations, having professional advice is a wise first step to plot a course to fight the charges.