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Does car color increase the chance of an accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Several elements factor into the causes of a car accident. How a driver behaves plays a role, and the vehicle’s style is sometimes a factor as well. It may surprise Alabama drivers that some data indicates that a vehicle’s color might factor into its risk for an accident.

Vehicle color and collision risks

The Kelley Blue Book provides insights into collision risks in comparison to vehicle colors. The resource suggests that the vehicles colored white or yellow come with lower chances of accidents than other colors. The Kelley Blue Book drew its information from a Monash University Accident Research Centre study. White might be the “safest” color with beige and cream also presenting positive data.

According to researchers, there are also more dangerous color choices. Black ranks as the most accident-prone with gray, silver and red showing some warning signs. Why do colors affect accident risk? Often, the reasons come down to visibility.

Seeing a car on the road

Black and gray might not be easily visible at night or in other low-light situations. Black could blend into the darkness, making it harder for someone to see the vehicle. Avoiding an accident might become more challenging if an oncoming car isn’t noticed until the last second.

The hazardous differences between black, yellow, white and gray vehicles might not be too pronounced, and other factors contribute to risk; a white car might prove more challenging to see in a snowstorm, for example. Most importantly, a driver’s behavior factors significantly into safety. Speeding down the highway, making illegal passes or turns, or driving without headlights on creates risks. So does driving a mechanically unsafe vehicle or engaging in distracted driving.

Was negligence involved in a particular motor vehicle accident? If so, the victim may have a legitimate claim for damages.