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Punishment for drug trafficking can be severe

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2021 | Criminal Law

Drug charges are taken very seriously across the country, including in Alabama. The trafficking of drugs, also known as selling, transporting or distributing it, is a federal felony. It is different from only possessing drugs.

Drug trafficking laws

Depending on where the crime was committed, federal or state laws can apply. If drugs were taken across state lines, then it becomes a federal matter. Controlled substances, those substances whose distribution and use is governed by law, are divided into different schedules.

Schedule 1 ones are those that are highly addictive and have no medicinal use and are not considered safe for use even under medical supervision. These levels vary all the way down to Schedule IV and V, which are substances that are not likely to be abused or create dependence. Punishment varies based on the type of substance that was found, its quantities and the surrounding circumstances. For example, if bodily injuries resulted or there was a firearm involved, then prison sentences can be lengthy.

What about drug charges related to marijuana?

Though marijuana usage has been legalized in some states, it is still considered an illegal substance in federal law. Additionally, if the amount transported over state lines is more than a certain threshold, it can be considered illegal even if marijuana is legal in that state.

Those facing drug charges need to present a strong criminal defense, as the rest of their lives will change if they are convicted. It may be possible to attack many aspects of the prosecution’s case, from the original search to the actual sentence. An experienced attorney may be able to discuss one’s options with them.