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Where does Alabama rank among the worst states to get divorced?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Family Law

Most people have heard that about 50% of marriages end in divorce. Though, recent studies show that number is actually closer to 40%. So, while they may not be as common as they were in recent memory, divorces are still fairly common. On average, they cost about $15,000 per person, but that number can vary greatly, depending on one’s specific situation and where one lives. And, to figure out which states were the best and worst to get divorced in, a website used Findlaw, Business Insider and World Population Review statistics to find out.

The data

The website looked at the time it takes to finalize a divorce, average filing fees, average attorney fees and divorce rates (based on the number of women divorcing in 2021 per 1,000). They then weighted these values to create a 100-point scale Divorce Disaster Index.

The results, generally

In sum, their data showed that wealthier states see to be the worse to get divorced in because filing fees and attorney fees are higher. And, the worst state was the worst state because these fees were significantly higher than any other state, along with taking the longest time to finalize a divorce. Unsurprisingly, it was California with a 100 Divorce Disaster Index score.

Where does Alabama rank?

Alabama ranked 12 with a Divorce Disaster Index score of 48.89, which puts us just outside of the top 10 worse states to get a divorce in. This is because it takes at minimum 30 to 60 days to finalize a divorce, a divorce rate over 12%, filing fees around $400, and nearly $10,000 in average legal fees. As a no-fault state, this number is surprising because a divorce can be had based on incompatibility or an irretrievable marriage breakdown.

Where’s the best place to get divorced?

The best place is where one’s attorney recommends. But, according to the website, New Mexico is the best place to get a divorce with a Divorce Disaster Index score of 0. There, it only takes 30 days to finalize a divorce, a filing fee of $137 and average legal fees of $6,600. For our Alexander City, Alabama, readers, this may come as a shock.