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Get your parenting plan ready for summer vacation now

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Family Law

Summer vacations provide opportunities for amazing memories for the family. When parents are divorced, they have to determine how to handle vacation schedules so that the children still have ample time with both parents during their summer vacations. 

While it might seem like you have plenty of time to make your summer travel plans, now is the best time. Doing this early enables you to figure out the schedule and plan things with your ex as necessary.

Scheduling the vacation plans

The parenting plan should include a parenting time schedule and other guidelines for what happens when school is out. Be sure to refer to this now so you can determine how to handle your summer vacation plans. Many custody agreements have a clause that allows a parent to set vacations with special terms, such as the vacation taking a priority over the normal custody schedule. 

One thing to remember when you’re trying to schedule a summer vacation is that you shouldn’t rush the travel plans. Trying to rush to the airport after you pick up your child or trying to rush to drop them off right after landing can be stressful. Instead of doing that, make sure that you leave extra time for travel. It might be best to pick up the child the day before travel and drop them off the day after you return.

Modifications of custody arrangements are often possible

If the guidelines for the custody arrangements may need to be modified because they’re outdated or the child’s needs have changed, it’s possible to do this either through an agreement with your ex or through the court system. Learning your options for handling this could help you to find a creative solution to the issues at hand.