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Don’t worry: Your spouse can’t deny you a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2022 | Family Law

It might seem obvious to you that your marriage is not working. This has led you to consider a divorce. Your spouse might have made other plans.

They have dragged you through couples therapy and you still want a divorce, despite your spouse’s resistance. They say they’ll never agree to a divorce, no matter what. This is a common occurrence that has people looking at their spouses in confusion.

You should know you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your divorce, no matter how your spouse resists. Here’s why:

Your spouse can’t stop a divorce

Getting a divorce can often be a simple matter. Many couples are often in agreement that they need a divorce. Others, on the other hand, want to drag on a failing marriage for as long as possible. 

Many people do not know what rights they have when looking to divorce.  If you find your spouse complicating a divorce then you can file a complaint to your local court and petition for a divorce

Your spouse will then be given a copy of the complaint and a chance to respond. This will give them a set amount of time to show up to your local court regarding a divorce. If your spouse fails to show up to court then you could be granted a “default divorce.” After a default divorce is granted, a judge will consider what is divided in the divorce. 

A lot of work still goes into filing for divorce. You will have to consider child custody, child support and property division. Having a sound legal opinion can ensure you have everything you want out of a divorce.