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Can you count on insurance after an Alabama car crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a car crash in Alabama, you will probably have numerous expenses. Your vehicle may not be in safe operating condition, and you or your passengers may require medical attention. If there are significant injuries, there could also be missed wages to factor into the equation.

Although many people trust insurance companies due to their clever marketing, there is no guarantee that insurance will fully cover their expenses. Some people affected by car crashes in Alabama will realize afterward that there isn’t enough insurance coverage for their costs. Why is insurance inadequate after some Alabama collisions?

Drivers don’t always carry enough coverage

The main issue that forces people to pursue alternative means of compensation is inadequate insurance coverage. Although state law requires liability insurance, drivers might only have $25,000 each of bodily injury and property damage liability protection. If your vehicle is a total loss, if your injuries require surgery or if you miss weeks of work because of your injuries, your medical cost in lost wages could be far more than $25,000.

There is also the less common but still significant risk of encountering a driver without insurance at all. When there is clear fault on the part of someone else involved in a wreck and you have more expenses than their insurance will cover, you may be able to take the at-fault driver or a third party with liability for the collision to court to ask for compensation.

Understanding how to protect your rights after an Alabama car crash will make the fallout of the collision less problematic for you.