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3 ways to prepare your child for your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Family Law

As a parent, you realize your child will eventually have to know that you are getting a divorce. You may have to tell your child why you and your spouse are divorcing, how things will change after divorce and why it’s better for the family that you and your spouse are divorced. 

Bringing up many of these topics with your child can be difficult without the right help. There are a few things you may keep in mind when preparing to deliver the news: 

1. Don’t talk about divorce until the process has started

One thing you may consider avoiding is talking about divorce to your child too early. Couples may find alternative ways to handle marital issues other than divorce. It may only confuse your child if divorce keeps going on and off the table.

2. Talk as a family about what’s happening

Your child knows their parents will be at times of need, that’s why, even at the end of your marriage, you and your spouse should continue showing support for your child. Your child may see they can continue relying on their parents during emotional times. 

3. Give your child plenty of reassurance and room for questions

It’s easy for children to believe your divorce was somehow their fault. Often, a child’s self-blame is a part of growing up. You should consider making it clear that your child didn’t cause your divorce.

Your child may be confused about what divorce is, why it’s happening and how it’s going to affect them. While it may be easy to explain that you and your child’s other parent won’t be together anymore, some questions may not be easily answerable. When that happens, it’s okay to admit you don’t have all the answers.

If you have questions yourself as to how your divorce process will go and how your child’s life will change after your divorce, you may need to seek legal counsel that can help you through times of confusion