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Is a waterpark ever liable for slip-and-fall accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

Slip-and-fall accidents often take people by surprise. They may not have thought that they were at risk of falling, or they might have slipped because of problems with a staircase or ladder, for example.

Waterparks are notorious for the number of injuries that happen there, but if you slip and fall, can you ask them to compensate you? You already knew it would be wet, so do they have any real liability?

Waterparks can be held liable for slip-and-fall accidents due to negligence

Waterparks are generally not liable for injuries that happen in day-to-day park life, like getting whiplash on a ride. However, they could be liable if the injuries are linked to negligence.

For example, if the park has stairs leading up to a wet attraction, those stairs should have tread. The park owner already knows that people will be walking around without shoes on and that there has to be added friction to prevent falls.

If the park installs slick flooring or paint, doesn’t keep the tread maintained or allows the park to fall into disrepair, then it may be liable for any injuries that happen. It is even easier to hold the park accountable if you can show that the area was reported by others who were also injured in the past.

Waterpark owners have to maintain the premises

At the core of premises liability law is the idea that the property’s owner should be keeping the property safe. When people are invited onto the property, the owner has a heavy obligation to keep the property safe.

Of course, there are some hazards at waterparks, but the owner should always be considering ways to minimize the risk of injuries. Blatantly ignoring safety hazards or not warning people about them could lead to premises liability claims.

If you’re hurt, report your injuries to the waterpark’s staff. If you need to, ask them to call an ambulance for you as well. Get contact information to get back in touch later, too.

After you get medical care, you may want to look into making a premises liability claim against the park for negligence leading to your injuries.