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3 ways fall brings extra dangers for drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Summer will officially be over within a few weeks. With fall comes several changes that drivers need to know. 

While most people associate the winter with bad roads and highway dangers, autumn can be uniquely dangerous on its own. Here are three examples:

The days start to shorten

Now you can go to and from work in the daylight. Soon this may not be possible.

Working lights are a legal requirement for vehicles at any time of the year, yet some people may not have turned them on for months. Hence they may not realize a bulb has blown. Working turn signals are crucial to signal your intentions to other drivers, working brake lights reduce the chance that someone slams into the back of you, and working headlights make being seen and spotting hazards easier in the low evening light.

Rain and leaves on the road can make skids more likely

Good traction is crucial to steering around corners and braking in a straight line. Autumn showers or accumulated leaves can cause a momentary loss of traction that could lead a driver to lose control. Ensuring your tires are up to the job is crucial. If they are starting to wear, consider replacing them sooner rather than later.

Deer encounters are more likely on country roads

Late autumn is peak deer collision season as it is the mating season, so deer move about more often. They also travel far to find food to fill their bellies in preparation for winter. Dusk and dawn are the most dangerous time of day, and a full moon exacerbates the risk.

Slowing down in potential deer areas is crucial, as is avoiding the temptation to swerve into the other lane if one steps out, as that could cause a crash with an oncoming vehicle.

If a driver injures you in a crash this autumn, don’t let them blame the light, the weather, leaves or a deer. You have a right to expect compensation for your losses when another driver fails to take the seasonal hazards into account when they’re on the road.