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3 unsafe driving behaviors that lead to wrecks

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers have to ensure they’re operating their vehicles safely so they can make it to their destination without injuring themselves or others. There are some actions that even experienced drivers might do that can lead to crashes. 

Even safe drivers should remember not to succumb to the temptation of doing these actions. 

#1: Driving on the wrong side of the road

Driving on the wrong side of the road can lead to a head-on crash. All drivers should ensure they remain in their own lane. Even swerving into a neighboring lane going in the same direction as you’re going can lead to sideswipes and other wrecks.

#2: Driving too fast for the road conditions

Speed limits are set for roads based on what’s safe during ideal conditions. If it isn’t a clear, sunny day, the safe speed won’t be the speed limit. Instead, it will be slower. Drivers should always adjust their speed to what’s safe for current conditions or they risk being involved in a crash.

#3: Failing to obey the right of way

Right of way is established by laws governing traffic. Drivers who fail to give other motorists their due right of way can cause serious crashes. This is especially true if a motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian is the one whose right of way is violated. 

Being harmed by a driver who’s being reckless or negligent can lead to life-changing conditions. Whatever your situation, it’s usually wisest to have some experienced legal guidance as you pursue the compensation you’re due.