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5 tips for divorcing a narcissist

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Family Law

Divorcing a narcissist can be a complex and emotionally challenging process because they may use manipulative tactics, blame-shifting and other strategies to maintain control and create conflict. This can make it seemingly impossible to work through all aspects of the divorce.

Consider these tips to help you navigate the divorce process when dealing with a narcissistic ex:

1. Establish boundaries

Set clear boundaries regarding communication and personal interactions. Limit contact to essential matters, such as discussing child custody arrangements. Avoid engaging in personal conversations or arguments.

2. Document everything

Keep detailed records of all communications, financial transactions and incidents that may be relevant during the divorce process. This documentation can be valuable when dealing with false accusations or manipulative tactics.

3. Maintain emotional distance

Recognize that your ex may attempt to provoke emotional reactions and create conflict. Maintain your composure to avoid being drawn into emotional confrontations.

4. Assemble a support network

Surround yourself with trusted friends, family members and professionals who can provide emotional support, guidance and advice throughout the divorce process. A strong support network can help you maintain your emotional well-being and provide a counterbalance to the narcissist’s tactics.

5. Be prepared for delays

Narcissists may use stalling tactics to prolong the divorce process and maintain control. Be patient and prepared for possible delays. Focus on staying emotionally grounded and maintaining your well-being during this challenging time.

Your narcissistic ex may not respond reasonably or fairly during the divorce process. Be prepared to make difficult decisions and compromises to protect your best interests. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters is beneficial as you go through the divorce.