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The Importance Of Planning Ahead

Many people put off planning for the end of their life or meeting with an estate planning lawyer because it is not something they want to think about. But planning now is one of the most generous and important things you can do for your family.

During grief, we are unable to make clear-headed decisions. We are often rash and suggestible. This is why making a will and health care directive or trust now is vital. There can be so many complicated and complex pieces involved in deciding the placement of a person’s possessions after their death. If you do not have a will, then your children will have to make those decisions while grieving. This requires an exorbitant amount of time, resources and energy from them when they are often least able to give it.

Creating A Will Now Can Give Everyone Peace Of Mind

With a legal will in place, your wishes, possessions, and estate property or properties can be processed more efficiently, offering an easier path for your family after your death. Radney, Radney & Jackson firm partners Jason Jackson and Thomas Radney offer Alabama estate planning guidance and advice based on your specific circumstances and needs, to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled after your passing. We can help you create a:

  • Will
  • Trust
  • Health care directive
  • Health care proxy
  • Powers of attorney (POA)
  • Transfer on death deeds (TOD)

Sometimes just meeting with an estate planning attorney brings a sense of peace and comfort. They say knowledge is power. Knowing what to expect and then planning for that contingency is perhaps the best legacy anyone can leave. We can help you do that.

Prompt Resolution To Estate Claims And Disputes

When a family member or loved one dies, it should bring everyone together to grieve and cherish memories. A carefully created and officially documented plan can help your family avoid disputes as to who gets what and how financial accounts should be distributed. In cases where there is no will, a breach of duty by the executor, or undue influence or some other mishap has occurred, our attorneys help the rightful heirs claim what is lawfully theirs. We also assist in probate administration and estate litigation.

Get Personal, Custom And Sensitive Estate Planning

Firm partners Thomas Radney and Jason Jackson deliver customized estate planning services to our clients who want to take care of matters now. We strive to ensure that our service is sensitive to what you need. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Call 256-570-6139 or email us at the firm so that we can answer your questions or start the planning process.